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Omega Soul Unravels The Weight-Loss Mystery – Develops New Garcinia Cambogia Formula

July 09
23:46 2013
Omega Soul Research’s technicians have isolated the enzyme that converts carbs into fats. New Garcinia Formula blocks the enzyme.

OREM, UTAH, USA, July 10, 2013, Omega Soul Research has announced that their R & D team has unraveled the mystery of what really causes weight-loss. Lab technicians were able to identify and isolate the enzyme called Citrate Lyase, which is responsible for converting carbs into fat cells. Their new Garcinia Cambogia Extract formula contains 60% HCA, Hydroxycitric Acid, and will block this enzyme. The result is that the body begins to burn off existing fat cells as energy, and pounds of fat are easily shed.

The Miracle Garcinia Cambogia formula from Omega Soul Research is not a “Sole Ingredient” product, as it also includes “helper-ingredients”, such as calcium and potassium. These added ingredients, in adequate dosage, will enhance the potency of the overall formula, while at the same time increasing absorbability, according to a company spokesperson. The new Garcinia Cambogia HCA represents a formula that is more powerful than the one Dr. Oz, of the #1 TV Health Show, endorsed live on TV. Dr. Oz was wild about Garcinia Cambogia and called it a “fat-buster” in a bottle, and “The Holy Grail of Weight-Loss”.

Omega Soul Research released a product that is the real “Holy Grail of Weight-Loss”, as it performs far better than other products in its field. Customer Testimonials bear this out, and corroborate why Dr. Oz was so enthused about this compound called miracle Garcinia Cambogia. What fascinated him was the ability of the active ingredient, HCA, to “multi-task”. It seems to be the perfect weight-loss supplement, as it not only induces weight-loss, but it combats the symptoms that make people quit their diets.

Garcinia Cambogia HCA will block the fat forming enzyme, while it will also suppress the appetite. This means no feelings of starvation, and no cravings for unhealthy foods. As it boosts the metabolism, without harmful stimulants like Ephedra or Guarana, energy levels are also boosted for a steady energy level throughout the day. Serotonin levels are elevated in the brain, putting a stop to “mood-swings”, which in turn will stop emotional overeating. a way of celebrating the success of this new Garcinia Cambogia HCA, Omega Soul is including access to 70-Yoga Exercise Videos, because it has been proven that moderate exercise along with their Garcinia Cambogia Extract will yield a 400% increase in weight-loss results.

For complete information, visit: 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Media Contact:

Omega Soul Research

Attn: Press

N. Achas Court, #203

Giannou Kranidoto Str. 79

2235 Nicosia, Cypress

+30 6970 21 4030

Company Name: Omega Soul Research
Contact Person: Ranier Diehl
Phone: +30 6970 21 403
Address:N. Achas Court, #203 Giannou Kranidoto Str. 79
City: 2235 Nicosia
Country: Cyprus


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