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GramKosh – A Powerful Software That Helps Users Get Leads, Traffic & Engagement In Their Business Using Instagram

Marketers struggle online to get traffic and leads or failed at Facebook ads because they cannot know exactly what failure they are making, the introduction of GramKosh might be a solution to solve their problem.

There is no doubt that traffic is the “lifeline” of any business. If a company is not acquiring new traffic all the time, it will die off sooner than it looks. Two biggest traffic sources nowadays are Facebook Ads and Instagram. According to recent research, Instagram engagement is ten times higher than Facebook, 58X times higher than Pinterest and 84X greater than Twitter.

However, only 36% of businesses use Instagram till now. The reason is that Instagram is a mobile app which requires lots of dedication, time and manual efforts to build engagement or visitors in business. Therefore, things will be difficult for marketers if they are not a big brand with a big social media company to handle their promotions. Understanding this situation, the guys from GramKosh’s team have together created a software which claims to automate user’s Instagram marketing by essential features like auto-post, auto-follow, etc.

GramKosh is a complete Instagram marketing suite that allows users to schedule or post Instagram stories directly via desktop, auto post and schedules their first comment with viral hashtags with full engagement analytics dashboard as well as advanced image editor to create eye-catching images to be used on Instagram. It is the world’s first and only all-in-one Instagram marketing suite to boost leads, traffic, and engagement for Instagram business.

Have a close look at some unique features of  GramKosh software:

Post User’s Instagram Stories Directly From Desktop: Instagram stories are published right on top of the Instagram feed. They will generate massive engagement and excitement of their brand so that it will always be at the upper part of customers mind.

Schedule Instagram Stories Directly From Desktop: The software enables users to schedule their stories at a specific date and time, which will save time by scheduling months of content in just a few clicks.

Post And Schedule Directly From Desktop: Marketers can create, edit and schedule their Instagram posts including images and videos without having to leave their computer running. They can also create emoji’s for the post and live preview before posting.

Auto Post And Schedule Their First Comment: Hashtags are most important to get posts discovered on Instagram. Users now have the ability to post thirty most popular hashtags to give their images manifold times reach.

Image Editor: This feature controls user’s post directly from their dashboard. It can also add special effects like draw, multiple colors, stickers, as well as create a meme and much more.

GramKosh Account Analytics: Marketers can track and visualize the growth of their Instagram accounts with reliable data to make decisions and grow their business wisely.

Video Training: Although GramKosh is designed to be simple, the product’s creators also offer a step-by-step training to help their followers get familiar with the tool and all features inside it. Within 10-15 minutes, marketers can handle GramKosh like a pro.

Elite Training from Saurabh and Gaurav: Users will have a chance to learn from Instagram experts “How to Grow your Instagram Accounts from Scratch to 25,000 followers in any Niche” along with other regular Live webinar calls to help them in business.

24/7 Support Staff: In case users have any questions; they can get in touch with a friendly customer support team, who will resolve all their problems instantly.

All in all, GramKosh is a perfect Instagram marketing suite for every website/online presence. Users are probably wasting hours every week on tasks that GramKosh will do for them in just a few minutes.

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