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What Can Art Therapy Provide for the Troubled Teen

The expressive use of art through painting, drawing, photography or sculpture allows the teen and therapists to actively explore the core issues with unique insights.

When a teenager feels alienated or has chosen to alienate himself from those around him, emotional ties through verbal communication may seem irreparably severed.  Parents, fearing their happy, carefree child may never reappear, often seek the attention of an individual or family therapist for solutions. When talking does not work, there are other options that are proving successful in restoring a teen’s participation, communication and feelings of empowerment and self-worth. 

Through a residential program that includes academic education, Arts education and expression, along with individual and group therapy, troubled teens are restoring balance in their world, developing a new healthy interior dialogue and learning how to appropriately express themselves in their home, school and community. Dealing with young people between the ages of 12 and 18, both boys and girls are discovering that they do have a voice, both verbal and through artistic expression. Although artistic talents are encouraged and enhanced, recognizable artistic skills at the time of entering the program are not required. Our outstanding therapy program is unique to each student and offered in a manner that will help them unfold their artistic self-expression.

The creative process involved in the teen expressing him or herself artistically can help them to recognize and resolve psychological, emotional, social or behavioral issues, as well as develop and manage feelings, reduce stress and improve self-esteem and awareness. As defined in the Free Dictionary, Art therapy, sometimes called creative arts therapy or expressive arts therapy, encourages the young person to express and understand their emotions through artistic expression and throughout the creative process.

With the creation of many different types of art and then processing the total experience through individual and group therapy, the student is able to creatively communicate in a safe manner. An emotionally safe zone is available in which they can effectively share their inner thoughts and fears. The expressive use of art through painting, drawing, photography or sculpture allows the teen and therapists to actively explore the core issues with unique insights. A teenager is able to freely explain how they see themselves and how they think others see them, while artistically conveying tough issues. Things that might otherwise be difficult to express are more easily shared and understood by the individual, group and therapists.

By exploring a creative arts modality for dealing with your child’s mental/emotional health, social or behavioral problems, the success you have found elusive may be readily available. Open your child to the power of self-expression and therapy through a healing Arts treatment paradigm.


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