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Love Reveals: is a new book by Best-Selling Author Stev Fair that could save you time in deciding on Love

August 19, 2016 – At a time when buying the correct love novel is of paramount importance, Love Reveal is a book that tells you a great story of how Leo & Rachelle Love, and they’re only son, Michael, navigate their way through the cultural limitations and divisions that afflict American life. “Love Reveals,” the comprehensive story goes beyond the dynamic of love but also evolves history during turbulent times.

Starting from the 50’s and into the new Millennium, Leo lives at times, cross with the lives of some of history’s greatest icons. Joining their intellects and talent together, they become beacons for the Doomsday Clock. As champions for Human Rights, they wage war on ignorance through love and wisdom.

This romantic and historical story breathes life into some of recent history’s great icons including, Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb; Physicists, Albert Einstein and Eugene Rabinowitch, Dr. Martin L. King, John F. Kennedy, among others.

Love Reveals is one of the most creative books I have ever read. I am totally awed at how adroitly the author created the people that lived through some of the most monumental times in the history of America and the manner in which he so skillfully described how these major events of the past several decades directly impacted their lives. Let me add also that this is a masterpiece that should be “must” reading for today’s young Americans as well as those old enough to have lived through these times. – Woody Saratoga, Retired Journalist Goodreads

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Stev Fair is available for interviews to discuss his research into love, women’s rights, civil rights and war.

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